iTero Digital Scanner

For the comfort of our patients, Comfort Dental is pleased to employ the iTero scanner. The iTero scanner is an innovative technology that utilizes lasers to capture and generate a three-dimensional image of the patient’s teeth and gums. The precision and efficiency of this technology enable Dr. Clawson to develop patient treatment plans and appliances with greater accuracy and precision. Patients are no longer required to endure unpleasant molds or messy impressions. Visits to the orthodontist are now much more pleasant, thanks to the iTero scanner.

3D Printing

The utilization of 3D printing technology in the creation of appliances is increasingly preferred due to its ability to produce more accurate and comfortable results, which increases their overall efficiency. At Comfort Dental, we employ 3D printing technology to fabricate a variety of orthodontic appliances, including aligners, space maintainers, and retainers. Each of these appliances requires a thorough examination of your teeth to produce a well-fitted and firmly secured appliance. By utilizing the iTero scanner and 3D printing technology combined, Dr. Clawson can customize your appliances to fit your teeth with unparalleled precision and accuracy.